A parent-to-parent voluntary support group

Why Cuidiú?

The Irish name Cuidiú means care and support for all parents with bumps or babes, tots or teens.
The majority of the associate membership is in the larger towns but Cuidiu welcomes members from every inch of Ireland and we’d love to have a branch or group in all counties. We are a national organisation and we hope you find a Cuidiu near you. We are always interested in supporting new Cuidiu branches or smaller Cuidiu groups in any part of the country.

Cuidiú branches run many and varied activities for families and minders but this depends on how many volunteers there are available in a branch. Please remember, that we are a voluntary organisation offering mutual support. The success of our organisation depends on the principle of give and take and everyone pitching in when possible. Obviously members with new babies or pressing family matters may find it difficult to commit to joining a committee or run a toddler morning, but we do appreciate input no matter how small and especially from people who may have benefited from our support.

Each branch has its own committee to organise and run its events. Most branches produce their own event sheet or newsletter giving full details of events and services on offer. Although the branches are autonomous, the ethos and principles by which they are run is overseen by a Board and Administrative Council. You can find more information on council in the ‘Board’ section on the top bar. In the next year we aim to have a web page for each Branch, which they can host and input their own information, of course it will be linked to this National Cuidiu Website which will increase access for parents to that information relevant to their locality. For the moment you will find contact details and other information in the Branch section of this web page with a list of branches and contact details, a list of coordinators and Cuidiu near you on Google maps. There is usually Antenatal Education classes and Breastfeeding Support linked to each branch. Also see our ‘Babies, Toddlers and Beyond’ for the types of activities and supports run by branches.

Associate Membership of Cuidiu is €25 per annum. In addition, most branches ask for a small contribution for each meeting/activity attended. It's best to join associate membership online through your local branch if there is one near you but you can download this Membership Form and post it to us.